BX450 Enduro

The BX450 enduro is a limited production, homologated, motorcycle based on the off-road Kawasaki KX450x, the ultimate ENDURO motorcycle.

The limited series Bimota BX450 “The Extreme Enduro” will be unique by combining the classic design of the iconic KX450 “THE BIKE THAT BUILDS CHAMPIONS” and Bimota’s craftsmanship.


Enhanced electronics & increased fuel capacity

The Bimota BX450 will benefit from an enhanced electronic engine management system with different maps and Traction Control settings whilst using Kawasaki’s incomparable KX450 engine. The BX450 also benefits from a increased 4.5 litre fuel tank capacity @10.7 ltrs vs the Kawasaki KX450 @6.2 ltrs.


Japanese power, Performance & reliability combined with Italian craftmanship

Handcrafted & assembled in Italy

The BX450 is produced with the utmost attention to detail, built with the experience of Kawasaki’s off-road success Bimota has developed the BX450 from the KX450x platform creating the most incredible ‘made in Italy’ Enduro model. Additionally, the BX450 benefits from being homologated meaning it can be registered for on-road use.

Each BX450 is supplied with the following additional kit items:

  • Arrow exhaust
  • Competition fuel tank
  • Bimota Cover
  • Central work stand

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